Alright listen, papa don't preach. This is just a temp site for right now. I haven't gotten either time or motivation on my side to make a halfway decent thing right now. Some of you may remember my old site that sucked. Well, the whole "new website" thing is underway, honest. In fact, we have plenty of cool stuff up that can be viewed HERE. Well, okay, it's not exactly plenty. It's twelve things. But they're fun things. Make sure to read discriptions and stuff. While Grant is a great guy to do stuff with and is pretty much the jesus of flash, I'm gonna be using this space for drawings until the site's up. Also, don't think I don't have standards or anything. The actual site will not be on 50.megs, even though they've been a great host. Except, you know, for the upload limits. Anyway, until I see y'allz again, this is peace out. I'll put something up here soon, maybe a daily photoshoppy type thing. Anyway, I'll be seeing you. Or maybe not. Heh heh. -James 5/21/06